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McQueen Street: The Story

McQueen Street was formed in Montgomery, Alabama in 1987 by Derek & Chris Welsh. Michael Cummings (Powers) joined the band and became the lead guitarist shortly thereafter. They toured throughout the southeast United States and did so well that they acquired a record deal from SBK Records, a division of EMI. After releasing their debut album, “McQueen Street” in 1991, produced by well-known Tom Werman, hit song “In Heaven” peaked at #32 on the Billboard Rock charts and #1 on the European rock charts. The album also included hit single “Time”. Also, “My Religion” did well on MTV’s own Headbangers Ball. At this point, it seemed like nothing could stop the band. But unfortunately, the grunge evolution came pouring in right at McQueen Street’s peak, and just before the release of their long-expected second album, the band parted ways. Drummer Chris Welsh passed away due to viral sickness shortly after. 

The phone started ringing when the singer of Puddle of Mudd decided to wear a McQueen Street “Stick It” shirt in the “She Hates Me” video. Following a 10-year hiatus, singer Derek Welsh released “McQueen Street 2” with Ring of Four Records. The album included fan favorites such as “World Machine”, “Bad Moon”, and “What About Jane?”. In 2018, Derek Welsh began writing for the third McQueen Street album. As of 2020, McQueen Street has released two new songs, "Outside In" and "One Way Ticket". The latter of which reached #1 on the underground rock charts. The current touring band consists of Derek Welsh on lead vocals, Loud on guitar, Kevin Delburn on bass and Dean Domizio on drums. 

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